Simple Test Service Provider

This site is a SAML 2.0 service provider. It does not implement the entire SAML 2.0 specifications but only as much as is needed to parse an incoming assertion and extract information out of it and display it.
The advantage of this site is that you do not need to register or otherwise make it trust your Identity Provider.
It simply trust everyone... it's suitable for demonstration purposes only!

What does this site do?

If you are wondering why you would use this site, here are some of the problems we are trying to solve:

Testing an IDP

If you setup a SAML Identity Provider you may want to quickly check if it works correctly.
This site helps you with that task:
Point your IDP to this site (see instructions) and test away!


You have a demo IDP with all kinds of cool authentication methods and policies ("Hello RSA SecurID Access!") and need to show it's capabilities... this site is an excellent target application!

What does this site do exactly?

Still confused? Here is some more detail:
After receiving a SAML assertion to the Assertion Consumption Service (ACS) URL, the SAML assertion is parsed and the results are displayed.

IDP initiated SSO and SP initiated SSO are supported. Please see the instructions on how to setup both variants. The protected part of this site is only accessible after you federated into this site.

This site trusts all IDPs - there is no need to upload your IDP metadata or any IDP certificate if you just like to see IDP initiated SSO working. This universal trust is done by simply trusting all IDP entityIDs and certificates. This isn't a secure site - it's a test and demo site.

Some of the features supported

IDP initiated SSO

Your IDP sending a unsolicited SAML Assertion and this site consuming it.

SP initiated SSO

This SP sending a SAML AuthNRequest to your IDP which will send a SAML response back to this site.

Requesting a specific authentication method or policy from an IDP

This is done by setting the AuthenticationContextClassRef in the Authentication Request.

Displaying Attribute statements

If the SAML assertion contains an attribute statement, all the attributes will be displayed.

Displaying Authentication details

If it is in the SAML assertion, the authentication context class and other information about the authentication done at the IDP will be displayed.

Requesting authentication for a specified user

With this, the IDP will see that the SP (this site) already did identify the user and therefore can concentrate on e.g. strongly authenticating the user.

Stuff that won't work

Sending signed AuthNRequests

While we are not ruling out that this will work in the future, it's not supported at the moment.

Receiving encrypted SAML assertions

That's not even on our radar...

While this list isn't complete, don't worry too much: we support the common SAML features so in 99% of all cases using this site for SSO demos is working just fine.

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